Michigan-Inspired Chicken Wings Over Live Fire

Join Chef David Olson of Live Fire Republic and special guest, social media legend and chicken wing master, Chef Shihan Chowdhury (aka @ChiliPepperCooks), as they throw down dozens of Michigan-inspired chicken wings together over live fire – just in time for fall and the madness of national tailgating season!!

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Tune in as these world-renowned culinarians join forces and team up to prepare two different sauces for their grilled Smart Chicken Party Wings, featuring a lineup of ingredients indigenous to the great State of Michigan, including Founder’s Brewing Co. Robust Porter (check the Beer Advocate Profile and Rating HERE), BLiS Gourmet Maple Syrup and Blast Pepper Sauce, as well as a homemade sweet and tangy tart cherry jam bottled in the far northwest of Traverse City wine country.

Meanwhile, the guys will walk you through, step by step, from the basics of why the chicken you choose makes all the difference and why store-bought barbecue sauce is quite literally the one item that should never be purchased. Dial up your wing game as you’ll learn how to use baking powder, in doses, to enhance the crispiness of your wings. Along the way, you’ll get close up and in the action as David shares the specific ingredients and easy, breezy instruction for creating two of the most phenomenal homemade wing sauces, ever.

If there’s one episode you need to watch before this coming weekend and the insanity of your next tailgate party, it’s this one. Your next pre-game bash will never be the same after laying the wood to a pile of Michigan-inspired chicken wings over live fire! Stay hungry, my friends. –Live Fire Republic

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