Smoked Thor’s Hammer with Black Truffle Umami Polenta

Join Chef David W Olson of Live Fire Republic as he teams up again with legendary pitmasters, Al Frugoni and Mel Chmilar Jr  (aka Darkside of the Grill), on a grand culinary adventure through the rustic and wild north of Pure Michigan. Together they’re throwing down nearly a dozen pounds of whole beef shank roast, otherwise known as a Butcher’s Meat Hammer, Caveman Lollipops, or… as we call it, Smoked THOR’S HAMMER with Black Truffle Umami Polenta!

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Tune in as these world-renowned masters of open fire join forces and team up to prepare one of the toughest, most imposing cuts of beef in the outdoor cooking game. Curated in the essence of smoky hardwoods, watch how they prepare an offset smoker alongside the Straits of Mackinac, and slowly prepare this Asgardian-worthy barbecued beef to succulent, tender, fall from the bone perfection.

Meanwhile, the real secret ingredient of this episode is WILD MUSHROOMS. The guys will not only craft a homemade dried porcini rub for the beef roast and slow walk you step-by-step through the smoking process, but they’re also firing up a buttery, creamy polenta umami bomb, featuring a pile of fresh black truffles, roasted garlic and smoked gouda.

Now, if that wasn’t enough we’re introducing you to Live Fire Republic’s Chief Mixologist and Events Director, Chef Drew Turnipseed, who’s keeping everyone hydrated with a craft Mushroom-infused Manhattan with Bourbon-soaked cherries to garnish.

If there’s one episode you need to watch before this coming weekend, it’s this one. Stay hungry, my friends. –Live Fire Republic

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