Farm to Table Thanksgiving Feast on the Primo Ceramic Grill

Join Chef David W Olson of Live Fire Republic as he travels to the heartland of the Midwest to visit one of Missouri’s most renowned free-range, organic turkey farms. Then, alongside his friends from Primo Ceramic Grills, throws down three fool-proof, mouthwatering Thanksgiving classics all over open fire, from whole turkey, to a homemade sourdough stuffing, to the creamiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted. Be sure to CLICK HERE and join our Farm to Table Thanksgiving Feast in Poplar Bluff, Missouri!!

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Recipe Sneak Peek – Freshly-Harvested Thanksgiving Turkey:
1 15-20lb turkey, cleaned and trimmed, giblets removed
Olive oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tbspns white sugar
3 tbsps smoked paprika
2 tbspn ancho chili powder
1 tbsps roasted granulated garlic
1 tsp ground mustard
2 pinches cayenne, or to taste
Coarsely ground kosher salt and black peppercorn, to taste

This 19 pound, free-range, open air, pasture-raised, white breasted turkey was brined in a simple solution of kosher salt and granulated sugar. Then, rinsed in cold water, patted dry, and placed in the refrigeration, uncovered, for 6hrs, extracting maximum moisture from the skin. The bird was removed from its chilling chamber and injected with a 4:1 ratio of turkey stock and olive oil, a couple of shots of bourbon, plus 2-3 finely ground tbsps of the Friendsgiving Rub. The winged beast was then brushed in olive oil and seasoned beautifully with the rub, layering flavor on the inside and out.

The turkey was then nestled in the XL @PrimoCeramicGrills, fitted with a full deflector plate and set to 375F. Over the next 4.5hrs the turkey was bathed in the smoky essence of smoky lump charcoal embers. Then, intermittently basted in a concocting of browned butter, turkey stock, bourbon and a punch of rub until the turkey thigh read 145F internal. To finish, the grill was turned up to 425F until internal temps read 162F in thick of the thigh and the skin turns crispy and mahogany-like in color.

Once removed from the heat, this centerpiece rest for 30mins before carving and presentation. The result was so ridiculously tender, so juicy and flavorful, but even better was enjoying this experience and meal amongst the fellowship of great friends!!

Farm to Table Thanksgiving Feast on the Primo Ceramic Grill | Poplar Bluff, Missouri

If there’s one episode you need to watch before this coming weekend, it’s this one – Farm to Table Thanksgiving Feast on the Primo Ceramic Grill

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