Smoked Wild Venison Wellington | XL Primo Ceramic Grill

Join Chef David Olson of Live Fire Republic as joins the Primo Ceramic Grills team and tours their state-of-the-art Poplar Bluff Production Facility, then fires up an amazing Wild Venison Chateaubriand Wellington on the XL Primo Ceramic Grill, perched far above the breathtaking gin-clear, aquamarine water’s of southern Missouri’s Current River.

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If there’s one episode you need to watch before this coming weekend, it’s “Wild Venison Wellington!” Be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think!!

And, as always, we would love to know about your favorite experiences cooking with family and friends, at home, over a tailgate, or across your travels in the far corners of this beautiful globe. And, if you’re willing to share your favorite Venison recipe – definitely let us know in the comments!


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  1. Clint

    Is there a detailed recipe and instructions

    1. David Olson

      Good question! Quick answer is, yes. Long answer is, we have have hundreds of recipes uploading over the course of the next few months, this one included. Please stay tuned. Also, if you submit your contact information to the following link, you’ll be notified when new recipes drop, new adventure culinary episodes launch, and will be the first to know when we’re hosting events in your area. Cheers, mate! -David

  2. Chuck Stanley

    Excellent recipe and how to details. Will try this as Beef Wellington!

    1. David Olson

      Thank you so much for dropping a line and the warm message, Chuck!! Appreciate you staying tuned to the website. We have literally hundreds of recipes launch here in the months ahead!!

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