Destination Bordeaux | Steak Au Poivre Frites over Live Fire

Live Fire Republic and LFR Studios have ventured across the Atlantic, from New York to Paris, then south through the most beautiful and breathtaking plots of French countryside on God’s Green Earth. And, it’s here that we’re launching a 4-part Destination Series, from the historic Chateaus and Vineyards of St. Emillion, though Bordeaux City, to the icy blue oyster-rich waters of Arcachon Bay. I promise, my friends, you don’t want to miss this!!

This week Chef David Olson and Chef Drew Turnipseed, Director of LFR Events, are hosting the ultimate Steak Au Poirve cook at the renowned Chateau Rol Valentine, tasting among the most expensive Grand Cru Merlot in the world, and preparing the NATIONAL dish of France… with a total Live Fire Republic twist. Tune in for how Chef David and Drew prepare Bone-in Strip loin using nothing more than grape vines, plenty of fire and salt cured in the lees of wine barrels!!

They’ll walk you through the step by step of preparing the most richly flavored Au Poivre sauce, and just wait until you see how these two chefs do FRENCH FRIES!! Make sure to like and subscribe and smash those bells to ensure you don’t miss a single adventures or gourmet recipe to come.

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  1. Jeff Cook

    Such an awesome opportunity just to get to watch this…fantastic play by play!

    1. David Olson

      Thank you so much, brother!! This was such an incredible experience… can’t wait to show you what’s next!! A whole month of French countryside Live Fire!!

  2. Jeff Cook

    Such an awesome opportunity just to get to watch this…fantastic play by play!

  3. Rich Diamond

    Slap that Meat David 🙂
    That Looks soooooo Awesome , Enjoy your trip

    1. David Olson

      Lolol. Regrettably, we caught the meat slapping on camera 😅😅😅 On another note, I had no expectation for how beautiful this place would be, definitely not a trouble enjoying southern France. Can’t wait to share the rest of this destination series!!

  4. Peter

    Steak Au Poivre and duck fat fried french fries is now on my must try list.


    1. David Olson

      Peter, give that au poivre sauce a go, so darn easy and ridiculously good – those French certainly know what they’re doing with their sauces!! Lol.

      p.s. I’ll never do fries again in anything other than duck fat!!

  5. J Bird

    Jonesing for a taste of that Mair-lot and that French beaf! Good looking cook Chef. Long live the adventure.


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