Beyond the Grill

For those that I have linked w/ off-line & to others who had the opportunity to read The GR Press Article… You had a chance to get to know a bit more of ME beyond the SINGLE guy in a BIG CITY who LOVES to Grill/Cook/Entertain, & have a bit of FUN.

For everyone else… My name is David & LOVE being YOUR host!! You may take coming here for granted coming to, “A Bachelor & His Grill,” but for me this page has been part of a LIFE CHANGING experience that I have LOVED investing into DAILY!! :) So, to those on board since Day 1 (9/5/2011) & to ALL my NEW FRIENDS in The Bachelor Pad… THANK YOU for making this the PARTY it has become!! It is SO much FUN, but 700K Hits in… We are JUST GETTING STARTED!!

BEYOND THE PAGE… About a year ago I woke up & realized I was NOT the person I wanted to be for ME OR those I LOVED the MOST… and, at some ambiguous point stopped being the person who (outside of my professional career), had BIG dreams, set HUGE goals, followed his PASSIONS, & embarked on chasing them ALL down. That said, life is NOT about ducking the knockout punch… its about STANDING BACK UP when you wear it on the chin. With ONLY SO MUCH time to MAKE THE MOST OF THIS LIFE & disappointed that I didn’t realize this & get back up SOONER… Who you know TODAY as, el Bachelor, is someone ON 2 FEET, Mentally/Physically LASER-FOCUSED, PRIORITIZED, KICKING A$$, GRABBING THE BULL BY THE HORNS, TAKING NAMES LATER, & LOVING EVERY MOMENT!! That said, I am FORTUNATE BEYOND WORDS to have the most undyingly SUPPORTIVE/ENCOURAGING FAMILY, the BEST FRIENDS a guy could hope for, & am so THANKFUL for the new, beautiful & POSITIVE people entering/re-entering my life. I am BLESSED w/ a career beyond A Bachelor & His Grill that has RECENTLY become MORE EXCITING BY THE DAY, am ENGAGED in the community, & knee-deep in TRAVELING the WORLD (Next up: Australia/Queensland/Tasmania in 3WEEKS!!). But, ABOVE ALL I am the PROUD FATHER of 2 AMAZING, GENUINE, BEAUTIFUL, & HILARIOUS children… BOTH of whom are my ultimate PASSION, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION.

NOW, what I REALLY should do is write a book about the CIRCUS JUGGLING ACT that I am in process of MASTERING, while being the BEST I can be for my family AND Yours Truly!! :)

I wanted to introduce a brief bit of ME & take the chance to give you a sneak peek of life behind the GRILL. Again, THANK YOU & I will look forward to connecting soon.

-el Bachelor
Written by Live Fire Republic
David Olson is a nationally-recognized American Culinary Federation Chef, television personality and international social media influencer, award-winning recipe developer, live fire grill master, global adventurer-extraordinaire, and the creator behind, "Live Fire Republic." David has an organic and attentive audience of more than two million households weekly via countless television and event appearances, his blog, and various print, radio and social media channels. Meanwhile his recipes and creative content continue to be shared across the web and in print publications from sea to shining sea. For all media inquiries, please email PR agency, The Lisa Ekus Group; Boston, MA - Jaimee Constantine, 413.247.9325 or