Father-Son Grillmaster Tips and Recommendations for the Best Summer BBQ


NBC TV was crazy enough to give Your’s Truly & my son, Cam-man, unfiltered airtime to host an outdoor cooking segment – Click the video below. Follow along as my main dude & I share our Father-Son tips, surefire recommendations, & Grillmaster secrets to a phenomenal Summer Backyard BBQ!



1. Go fresh – From farm to table & garden to grill. Every memorable meal starts with tremendous ingredients. Without exception. Build big, bright, beautiful, & bold flavors by growing (or purchasing) local fruits, vegetables, herbs & proteins.

2. Prepare in advance. Chopped veggies, sauces & marinades, ground seasonings, make-ahead side dishes, etc. – Do today what allows you to party down with your guests tomorrow.




3. Safety first. For rookie grillers or when purchase & using a new-to-you grill – Please ignore your manly instincts – Always read the manual. Grilling is an outdoor activity – Keep your fire-breathing stainless steel meat-cooking machine in a well-ventilated area, away from nearby structures, stabilized upon a flat surface. Always ensure your propane tank & lines are both checked & in proper working order. A clean grill is a happy grill – Season & clean the grill’s grates before & after use.

4. Establish a 2-zone Grilling Surface – Both the science & the art of mouthwatering backyard barbque lies in this single grillmaster technique. For complete instructions on sear & roast method, hydrating, smoking, carbonizing & henceforth being recognized as the undisputed king of the Backyard BBQ – CLICK HERE!




5. Know your guests – Although no great Saturday night ever started with a salad… It’s important to ensure variety at your backyard barbeque. Although I’d love to smash dinosaur-sized hunks of herb-encrusted cowboy-cut beef steaks for every meal… I know not all guests feel the same – Ensure to stock the party with a host of fresh side dishes, an alternate main course & ice cold, adult-flavored beverages.

6. More the merrier. Decorate your party with great friends & family – And, in the words of my son, Cam, “BARBEQUE ON!”

Written by Live Fire Republic
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