Garden Sun Veggie Burger with Grilled Sweet Potatos and Ginger-Honey Mustard Aïoli


What better time of the season to begin consideration of tossing a veggie or 2 onto your backyard barbeque?!  Particularly as our summer of burgers, steaks, chips & dips wind down & we take a glance south, maybe noticing an extra inch or 2 of added circumference to our midsections!: )

Well… kick back, turn up the sweet sounds of Mr. Boss & set your gaze upon 2 of my very favorite outdoor cooking, vegan recipes.  Both recipes I love for several reasons… And, more recently have found themselves in regular rotation at my lakeside parties.  Not only for their use of fresh herbs, seasonings & all natural ingredients, but for their contrast in flavors & BIGTIME BITE!



And… heck, I have guests to please… Sadly, NOT everyone loves a tender rack of baby backs slathered in copious amounts of luscious, caramelized bourbon barbeque sauce, or 32 ounce t-bones encrusted & grilled to medium-rare, mouth-watering perfection, or smokey, prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with roasted garlic, herbs & creamy goat cheese.

Sounds crazy, right??!

Well.  Dietary differences aside… To get these recipes just perfect.  Follow meticulously, these 5 best practices for the most incredible grilled maple-ginger sweet potato fries & garden sun veggie burger with ginger-honey mustard aioli.  Cheers!


Crisp - Sweet and Smoky - Grilled Maple-Ginger Sweet Potato Fries

Crisp – Sweet and Smoky – Grilled Maple-Ginger Sweet Potato Fries


  • Both recipes were authored & photographed for Omaha Steaks & their amazing online resource, SteakBytesClick photos for simple, step-by-step instruction for each recipe!
  • Surround yourself with family, friends & others who are not a-holes or a general drag on life.
  • Kick on radio & turn up great music – preferably something circa 1983-88.
  • Crack open an ice cold brewski, or 6.  Preferably, at least one for each hand.
  • With precaution, brush, oil & whisper sweet nothings in close proximity to your grill grates.  Then, remove your face from the cooking surface & crank temperature to high heat.
  • Prepare food (Click photos for link to recipes!).


Lean Mean and Green - Veggie Burger - Crisp Sweet Potato Fries - Ginger-Honey Mustard Aioli - Onion Roll

Lean Mean and Green – Veggie Burger – Crisp Sweet Potato Fries – Ginger-Honey Mustard Aioli – Onion Roll


  • Drink a beer while talking about man-sorta-things.  And, if the opportunity presents itself, maybe check out your muscles in the reflection of a mirror or window, in a non-nonchalant, covert type-of-manner.
  • Grill food.
  • Serve.  Eat.  Drink.  Repeat… Until neither physically and / or socially acceptable.

Stand proudly amongst your people.  You are the undisputed master of your culinary domain!


Grill Food. Not People.

Grill Food. Not People.



Written by Live Fire Republic
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