Moroccan-Inspired Casablanca Chili with Chorizo and Harissa-Spiced Lamb

A bigtime game demands a bigtime chili, slowly prepared with hearty ingredients, bold textures and hard-hitting flavors. This season mix up your play call and ditch the annually forgettable canned tomato, red beans and beef recipe. Instead, audible at the line this weekend for winning twist on a traditional north African classic.


Tea-Basted and Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

I’m throwing down that smoky backyard BBQ and a grate full of Kansas City-style winter Baby Back Ribs in a foot and a half of ice and snow, alongside my most trusted four-legged furry culinarian, Maddie. Teaming up with my good friends from Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea, it’s all the right ingredients for the perfect weekend afternoon in the great white north of Pure Michigan!

Whether it be rain, snow, lots of snow, or sun and shine, for best results preparing these seasonal baby back ribs follow the 5 Pit Master best practices and step-by-step recipe below. Cheers and long live the long weekend! -David (and Maddie).