Innovation and Inspiration on Fire | Partnership Announcement: Twin Eagles and Chef David W Olson

I couldn’t be more excited for 2019, to share a world of grand culinary adventure and the opportunity to partner along this journey with my very good friends at Twin Eagles!

Later this spring and for years to come my family will barbecue over handcrafted, commercial-grade stainless steel and raging infernos of smoky hardwoods in our newly-constructed, fire-breathing outdoor kitchen fueled by Twin Eagles. Innovatively-designed with the gourmet chef in mind, meticulously-engineered and handcrafted to breathtaking perfection, this 42” state-of-the-art grill is quite literally the barbecue of my dreams.

The announcement of this partnership with Twin Eagles is uniquely special as our backyard entertainment space and outdoor kitchen will be the future centerpiece of intimate meals prepared for family, friends and loved ones. Around this grill will be a place of gathering for holiday celebrations, long summer weekends and culinary collaborations alongside peer chefs, grill and pit masters alike. This is where stories will be told, laughs shared, and memories made for a lifetime.

Over the last 10 years of reading this blog, you know how important transparency has been in both my work and writing – And, as you read below I’d like to offer my thoughts as to why I feel so strongly about Twin Eagles and why their line of appliances, grills and smokers will always find a warm and welcome home in my outdoor kitchen.

Candidly speaking, I was first to reach out to Twin Eagles about the prospect of partnership. As a chef who has traveled the globe cooking from the most inspirational of restaurant kitchens to rustic of backwoods barbecues, I have learned that not all cooking appliances are created equal. I aspired to partner with an organization that not only represented the finest of American design and manufacturing, but a brand that shared in my passions for the culinary arts, live fire cooking and the best of outdoor lifestyle. While no partnership of this kind could be more closely aligned, above all my confidence was confirmed as I had the opportunity to develop relationships over the last year with the honest and hardworking, salt-of-the-earth people behind the brand. This is the product and these are the people I’m proud to work alongside!

For a matter of historical perspective, nearly three decades ago in Cerritos, California, Dante Cantal, an entrepreneurial icon of the industry and a globally-recognized gas engineer, founded Twin Eagles upon the deeply-rooted values of independence, vision and strength – the primary traits of our nation’s greatest bird of prey, the Bald Eagle. From concept to construction Twin Eagles entire product line is made right here in the USA, featuring the highest standards of craftsmanship that seamlessly weld together design and durability, form and function, precision and performance. But, above all, Twin Eagles’ defining differentiator is the nearly 100 team members who proudly-called this family business their professional home and best embody the enduring characteristics of the noble eagle.

Today, industry experts recognize Twin Eagles’ rich history of strong business leadership, successful implementation of cutting-edge innovation, industry-first technologies, and creative marketing strategies that support the finest luxury cooking appliances assembled from sea to shining sea.

From a core performance perspective, Twin Eagle’s robust 5-part grilling system is what separates the brand from all other premium marketplace competitors. The synergistic sum of it’s parts yield a grill that preheats quicker, achieves higher temperatures, distributes conductive, convective and infrared energy more evenly, all while using less gas and offering complete control in each grilling zone. Sounds like a winning formula, right?

Additionally, among my favorite standard features of the Twin Eagles Grill, include:

  • 14-gauge 304-grade stainless steel burners pumping over 900 degrees of raw firepower to the cooking surface.
  • 3/8-inch heavy-duty hexagonal cooking grates that retain and transfer intense heat.
  • Interchangeable infrared ceramic briquette and charcoal tray accessories to accommodate for the simplicity of weeknight convenience or a classic slow-cook over a long weekend afternoon.
  • Hood assist mechanism that makes for easy opening and closing of the cooking chamber.
  • Internal lighting system that sheds a new sense of visibility upon of nighttime grilling.
  • And, a concealed chain-driven rotisserie that holds the turning capacity to manage even the largest of live fire feasts.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel burners, hexagonal grates, and fabricated stainless steel components. Five-year and one-year warranties cover additional product parts!

Twin Eagles is truly Innovation and Inspiration on Fire™! And, I simply cannot wait to offer you an invitation to share in my experience working alongside Twin Eagles over the course of the year ahead – from behind-the-scenes access through the installation of our family’s outdoor kitchen, to connecting directly over Instagram Live while touring Twin Eagles’ California manufacturing facility, to possibly joining me in-person for a privately-hosted live fire cookout, to enjoying a selection of aspirational recipes worthy of the finest grilling appliance on God’s green earth. – Cheers, David

Written by Live Fire Republic
David Olson is a nationally-recognized American Culinary Federation Chef, television personality and international social media influencer, award-winning recipe developer, live fire grill master, global adventurer-extraordinaire, and the creator behind, "Live Fire Republic." David has an organic and attentive audience of more than two million households weekly via countless television and event appearances, his blog, and various print, radio and social media channels. Meanwhile his recipes and creative content continue to be shared across the web and in print publications from sea to shining sea. For all media inquiries, please email PR agency, The Lisa Ekus Group; Boston, MA - Jaimee Constantine, 413.247.9325 or