Rosemary & Honey-Encrusted Frenched Rib Eye Steaks


It’s your WEEKEND – It’s Dude’s Night.  Time to fill up those mugs with ice cold IPA, talk about guy-types of things (ie. the glory days, muscle cars, useless facts & bicep curls), eat meat & scream at the top of your lungs for the home team battling out a big game on the good ‘ole grid iron.  Sounds fantastic, right?  Well.  I’m a dude… So, yes – this sounds fantastic.

Before I get too far off track… And, speaking of meat – Dude’s Night is no night to show up with your B-Game.  Man cred is officially on the table – Option 1 & 1A include you delivering the most phenomenal rib eye steak recipe, using a trusted grill master technique that provides a delicious charred and encrusted exterior, while leaving the interior tender, mouth-watering, and medium-rare.  Basically, Heaven on a plate.


The Weather Channel's Reynolds Wolf & Your's Truly - Dude's BBQ @ National Harbor, Maryland

The Weather Channel’s Reynolds Wolf & Your’s Truly – Dude’s BBQ @ National Harbor, Maryland


The reverse sear method is a simple low and slow grilling technique that requires a bit of patience, but end results are well worth the wait.

To get started, preheat the grill for at least 30 minutes before cooking – using the 2-zone grilling method (see below). Target temperature is 225°F. If feeling extra adventurous – place a wood chip smoke packet at the rear of the grill while preheating – infusing additional rustic essence throughout the cooking process.  Lay liberally-seasoned steaks over the indirect, low heat grill grates.  Close the lid & allow the meat to gently and gradually rise to temperature, while basting intermittently with a 1:1 butter:olive oil concoction.  Once the steak is within 15-20○F of desired internal temperature, turn all grill burners up to maximum heat & transfer that meat over the hottest grill grates, searing 3-5 minutes per side, with the grill lid open.  Remove those man-tastic hunks of meat from the grill, tent to rest, then consume (see above for appropriate devouring method)!

Sound simple enough, right?  Yes, it is just that simple.  But, let’s make sure you know how to set up a 2-zone cooking surface & are prepared to cook to temperature (not time).

2-Zone Grilling Surface on Gas:

1-burner grill – Turn the grill to high, then leverage the warming shelf, lined with tin foil, removing the meat from direct contact with the grill grates.

2-burner grill – Turn right side of the grill to high & leave the left side off.

3-burner grill – Turn far right side of the grill to high, the middle to low-medium and the left side off.

4-burner grill – Turn far right side of grill to high, middle right to medium, middle left to low, & leave the far left zone off.

2-Zone Grilling Surface on Charcoal:

Ignite the charcoal in a chimney starter.  When coals are glowing red, dump coals onto the grill floor.  Rake coals, pushing ⅔ to one side of the grill, slanting the remaining coals to the opposite side of the grill, establishing high-piled 1 hot zone & 1 cooler zone.  For every hour of cooking, add a half-stack of coals.

Red Meat – Internal Temperature Guide:

Medium Rare: 130-135 degrees. Medium: 140-145 degrees. Medium Well: 150-155 degrees. Well: 160 degrees or higher.




Rosemary & Honey-Encrusted Frenched Ribeye Steaks

Rosemary & Honey-Encrusted Frenched Rib Eye Steaks


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