As I travel from one end of God’s green earth to the next, I’m fascinated by the applications of smoke integration in the cooking process, from the finest steakhouses of America’s mega metropolises, to the roadside smoke shacks of Alabama and Texas, westward to the Imu hickorywood sand pits of the most remote Pacific Islands, south to the churrascarias of Patagonian Argentina, and far onward to the northern rustic Scandinavian mountain outposts of the Arctic Circle.

From first world to third, one urban, rural and indigenous community to the next, above all, we indiscriminately prize meticulously-crafted smoked fare.

But, it wasn’t until 1939 in southern Scotland that the advent of the modern smoker was invented – A device called the Torry Kiln was developed at the Torry Research Station. Over the last century this device would evolve into the technologically-advanced, state-of-the-art, high-performance machines we now cultivate the finest of meats & produce from today.

In the post below, I’ll share insight and my experience with one of the most innovative and exciting stand-up smokers introduced into the marketplace. Please click on the video below for a deeper dive, drool upon photos at your leisure & surely, read onward. Cheers! -David

Designed with those in mind who yearn for the carnal, sensuous flavors of smoked foods, but for the outdoor cooks who want a modern, zero-hassle smoking option, Char-Broil has introduced the sleek and sexy, stainless steel, double-wall insulated, intuitively-controlled, standup Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker.

As someone who lives in the city, leads a hectic professional and travel schedule, is enamored with smoked meats, cheeses and produce, while loving my personal time to both cook and create at home in the kitchen, on the patio, and over the grill – Char-Broil has delivered me the perfect solution.



Top Features of the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker:

  • American-designed, double-wall insulated, stainless-steel construction. This degree of craftsmanship & precision is critical to maintaining control of air-flow, cook time, imparting of smoke & flavor.
  • This vertical smoker has an enormous internal capacity of 725 square inches, with each of its 4 adjustable (and removable) racks able to sustain up to 20lbs of succulent heritage turkey, drool-worthy herb-encrusted bone-in prime rib, or rack after rack of caramelized barbequed baby back ribs.
  • Zero assembly required.Within 8 minutes of opening the packaging, I was able to load the smoking racks & wood chips, plug the smoker into the nearest electrical outlet & begin preheating the appliance for it’s maiden smoke!. Now. That. Is. Efficiency!


  • Play. Set. Forget.Whether you are the master of your backyard barbeque domain, or this is your first time attempting to smoke pheasant, pork butt, or pecan pie, the Deluxe Digital cooking unit is not only intuitive in it’s LED-guided controls, but the results are both consistent & outstanding, mirroring the flavor imparted through similar, yet more intensive cooking methods, such as wood fire and charcoal.
  • Electric-stabilized heating system + Stainless steel locking latch = Temperature & Smoke Control = Mouthwatering Flavor.With sustainable temperatures ranging between 100F-275F, this device delivers the low, steady temperatures paramount to achieving desired results. Every time. Time after time.


  • A smoker that is as MOBILE as you are! From the backyard patio to the tailgate parking lot – integrated rear wheels & wireless remote, with a 100-foot radius of connectivity allows you to detach, monitor your cook on the go & truly be the boss of your barbeque!
  • 4 cups of wood chips allows for +6 hours of continuous smoking! With most smokers on the marketplace, I feel relegated to the role of babysitter – consistently checking in on temperature, airflow, smoke level & coloration. Ain’t nobody got time for that. With the DDES, load with 4 cups of wood chips, set the time and temperature, insert the internal temperature thermometer, lock the chamber, then walk away – returning when your mobile remote signals the end to your cook. Simple enough, right? Answer: Yes

  • Cook to temperature, not time. Char-Broil removes the guesswork in this process.The smoker is fully-integrated with an internal temperature thermometer & wirelessly-connected remote, allowing the user to precisely monitor the cooking protein, produce or prepared good.
  • Not only is this smoker priced far below market value, at less than $300, but the folks in Columbus, Georgia at Char-Broil, are offering a 1 year warranty –guaranteed for both the smoker in it’s entirety and all parts! Enough said.
  • Last, but not least – This smoker is attractive.Char-Broil’s design team delivers again – a sleek, 2-tone finished appliance that provides an aesthetically-pleasing addition to any true Pitmaster’s complement of TRU-Infrared and Charcoal Grills. Win + Win = Winning!