Texas BBQ Burger - Reserve Angus Beef - Shredded BBQ Brisket - Kettle Potato Chips - Whole Wheat Bun

Texas-sized Angus Burger with Shredded BBQ Brisket & Kettle Chips

Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 6 hours 25 minutes
Total Time 8 hours 25 minutes
Servings 4
Author A Bachelor & His Grill


  • A Bachelor & His Grill's "South Texas Smoked & Shredded BBQ Brisket"
  • 24 oz Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Angus Burger
  • 4 whole wheat artisan buns sliced, buttered and toasted
  • 2-3 tablespoons canola oil plus additional for basting
  • Granulated garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper taste
  • Kettle Potato Chips to garnish
  • Sliced Roma tomatoes red onions & torn Boston red lettuce, to garnish
  • A Bachelor & His Grill's "Texas-style BBQ Boss Sauce"


  • Prepare upto a day in advance A Bachelor & His Grill's Texas-style BBQ Boss Sauce & Smoked Brisket. Follow recipe step-by-step via link.
  • Season Private Reserve Angus Burgers with canola oil, fresh ground peppercorn, garlic & onion powder. Massage into burger. Cover with plastic wrap & place in the refrigerator for 1hour, allowing flavors to meld.
  • Meanwhile, preheat grill to high, establishing a 2-zone grilling surface, per recommendations provided in "Notes Section.".
  • Moments prior to laying burgers to flame, remove patties from refrigerated cover, gently impress a ½ inch dimple into patty center on both sides & season liberally with Kosher Salt.
  • Employ the reverse sear grilling method – Lay patties over cooler, indirect heat zone. Close the grill lid & barbeque until meat within 20F of desired internal temperature, flipping burger intermittently. Baste with oil & move to direct, high heat grates, charring exterior 2-3 minutes per side.
  • In final minutes of grilling burgers, lay buttered buns over grill grates to toast.
  • Remove burgers & buns from grill. Set buns aside & rest burger under tin foil tent for 3-5 minutes to allow juices to redistribute as the grilled proteins expand.
  • Season burger additionally to taste. Lay over toasted whole wheat bun, red onion , tomato & lettuce. Top with BBQ brisket & kettle chips.
  • Serve. Devour. Repeat.
  • Cheers to beers, a summer of sun & fun... And, long live the LONG weekend!


Preparation: 90% of preparation & cook time are a result of the BBQ Brisket. Active burger prep is 10 minutes. In active burger prep (ie. Marinating) is 1 hour. Active burger cooktime is 20-30 minutes.
Creating a 2-zone Grilling Surface:
-1-burner grill – leverage the warming shelf, lined with tin foil, to remove the meat from direct contact with the grill grates.
-2-burner grill – heat the right side to hot and leave the left side off.
-3-burner grill – heat the far right side to hot, the middle to low-medium and the left side off.
-4-burner grill – heat the two right zones to high and leave the two left zones off.
Ground Red Meat – Internal Temperature Guide: Med-Rare: 130-135F. Medium: 140-145F. Med-Well: 150-155F. Well:+160F